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ÜrünlerSingle Legged System Solutions

Omega-1S is a system solution built on a single leg, which is easy

and fast to install and preferred in harsh geographical conditions.

Single Legged System Solutions

  • Suitable for various panel arrangement and angles
  • Compatibility with all kinds of topographical conditions
  • Quick and easy installation (≈ 240 man hours/mWp)
  • High strength and quality
  • High corrosive resistance
  • Alternative foundation solutions depending on soil characteristics
  • Pre-assembled products that do not require on-site manufacturing
  • Optimum cost
12 Years Of
15 GW
Experienced Team

OMEGA products and productions, which do not compromise on quality and whose durability has been proven by physical and analytical tests, are designed to meet all kinds of geographical and meteorological conditions.

High quality, innovative and durable steel and aluminum products will provide first-day quality service for up to 20 years.

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